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Since their discovery, inborn errors of protein metabolism have been managed through balancing diet and labwork, with some recent Rx intervention. But labs & diet alone aren't the whole story.

flok is dedicated to using patient data to help develop new understandings of these disorders and their impacts on our physical, mental, emotional, and neuropsychological health. 

Only when we fully understand these disorders can we guide research and the development of treatments that address more than the few endpoints we've been measuring for decades. 

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Accelerating Scientific Progress

  • Flokapp patientdata
    Information: The flok app will allow us to gather millions of data points on the lived experience of our conditions
  • Flokapp understanding
    Understanding: Models may allow us to predict biomarkers and symptoms, understand genotype-phenotype correlation, and more
  • Flokapp action
    Action: Studies, trials, treatments, and interventions will be better designed and more effective

The Privacy and Protection of Our Data is Paramount

Data provided to the flok research platform is the property of the individual. Consent to use data must be informed, specific, freely given, and reversible.

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