flok Staff

  • sarah
    Sarah Chamberlin
    Founder & Executive Director

    Sarah is the parent of two daughters, one with PKU born in 2013. She has a professional background in both non-profit work and technology. When her daughter was diagnosed with PKU, she reached out to Virginia Schuett to collaborate, and obtained a grant to develop How Much Phe, which launched in July 2014. She assumed the directorship of PKU News when Virginia Schuett retired in 2015. 

  • michael
    Michael Sitler
    Co-Founder & Director of Operations

    Michael has a backgroud in engineering cloud and system architecture with a focus on operational reliability.  More than once, he’s been accused of breaking the entire internet, which he says is only hearsay.  Attached to the inherited metabolic disorders through close friendship, he couldn’t be more excited to join flok.

  • jenn
    Jennifer Beazer, MPH, RDN, LD/N

    Jennifer was a dietitian at St. Luke’s Health System in Boise Idaho from 2005-2019, specializing in metabolics, cystic fibrosis, and the ketogenic diet. She has served in both the Meridian and Boise NICU, peds/PICU, peds onc, cardiology, nephrology, GI, trach and vent, and other sub-specialty areas. 

  • nikki
    Nicole Weinlein
    Community Engagement Coordinator

     Nikki has a background in health education and is a certified radiation therapist. She is the parent of two children, including one with Argininosuccinic Acidemia (ASA) a urea cycle disorder.  Nikki found a home within the Cook for Love community when her daughter was born, and has been a consistent user and supporter of How Much Phe and GO LOW PRO as well.

flok Board of Directors

  • Jeb Haber
  • Ameya Bhatawdekar
    Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Glenn Haber
  • Daelyn Richards, Phd
    SAB Chair


  • Brenda Winiarski
    Founder, Cook for Love
  • Jackie Kellish
    Chair, Guthrie-Koch Scholarship Committee; Adult with PKU
  • Kristen Vanags
    Vice President, Georgia PKU Connect
  • Jerry Elkins
    Board Member, PKU Parent, President, NPKUA
  • Adrian Mays
    Board Member, MSUD Parent
  • Virginia Schuett
    Founder, PKU News & Board Member Ex-Officio
  • Michelle Hobbs
    Dietitian, Adult with PKU

flok Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dealyn Richards, PhD
    SAB Chair
  • Ameya Bhatawdekar, MBA
    SAB Tech & Engineer Chair
  • Shawn Christ, PhD
    Director of the Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory, University of Missouri
  • Jeff Mckune
    SAB technical advisor; Engineering Manager Minecraft: Education Edition and user Safety, 27 year Microsoft veteran
  • Sue Glueck, JD
    Senior Director of Academic Relations, Microsoft
  • Geoff Hulten, PhD
    Senior Manager Google Maps AI Research, Lecturer University of Washington
  • Rosie Roberson
    IT Project Manager, US Dept of Veterans Affairs; Award-Winning Game Designer