flok helps you understand how you eat, feel, move, and play.

 Better understand your own health, share your data with caregivers and clincians, and contribute to a patient-led research platform.

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With 35+ years of managing the low-protein diet, flok understands the need for accurate information and easy-to-use tools. 

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    Take control of your low-protein diet amino acid data (phenylalanine, leucine, lysine, methionine, valine, and isoleucine) for more than 10,000 foods.

  • Tracking
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    Track Your Diet

    Track your diet, identify trends, and export records to share with your clinicians.

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    Find Recipes, Stores, and Restaurants

    Diversify your diet by finding new foods, places to eat, and delicious low-protein recipes. 


Your health is more than a lab report.

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    Moods in the Moment

    Track how you're feeling as you proceed throughout your day, week, or month.

  • Symptoms
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    How Have You Been?

    Clinical visits leave no time for a full rundown of the last six months of your health symptoms. Recording symptoms in the moment gives you and your care team the information you need to better understand your health.

  • Feel labs
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    Chart Your Labs & More

    Track blood levels, height, weight, notes, and more.


Explore the connections between physical and metabolic health. 

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    It's Much More than Steps

    Fitness trackers these days give us so much information about our health, and the dynamics of metabolic disorders and exercise need more attention.  

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    Get Connected

     Connect your Apple Watch or FitBit, or use your phone's internal tracker, to monitor activity, calories burned, net calorie intake, sleep, and more. 

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    Track Progress

    Improve your personal baseline, track trends, and join challenges.


The PLAY section is designed to engage you, your brain, and your body, in challenges that will build community.

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    We're nothing without each other, and a little fun (plus a little science!) 

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    Start off with a simple puzzle or challenge yourself. Play daily to establish your baseline and a winning streak!  

  • Play challenge
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    Come back regularly for new challenges and ways to engage with your flok. Your engagement helps the research platform understand our community. 

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